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2021 Season Work Bond & Fundraising

Please be patient as the Board of Directors finalizes the work bond & fundraising program for 2021.  As you know, these are challenging times and we are taking extra time to ensure the program is fair, safe and easy for everyone, regardless of their situation.  Additional information will be posted after the January Board Meeting.  You will receive an email to the address used during registration with work bond requirements for the season.

Work Bond checks will not change - they are payable to WELL, dated 9/1/21 and the player's name MUST be in the memo, no exceptions.  Checks without these fields completed correctly will not be accepted.

For those new to the league, below is the 2020 Work bond information.  We anticipate that much of it will remain the same for the 2021 season, however we can only use it as a guideline at this time.  We as parents, coaches and board members need to work with constantly changing requirements from the state and remain fluid to adapt in order to allow the kids to play a sport they love.


COVID UPDATE 6/20/20: 

As you know from previous emails, there have been a lot of changes to the way Little League will be run this year.  We as a board understand parents are concerned about earning their work bond points.  With daily and weekly changes in protocols, we decided there is a need to be flexible with the work bond this year.

Per the District 29 Guidelines, coaches should be asking each player basic health screen questions upon their arrival at the field and have the authority to send players home if they exhibit any symptoms.  In order to eliminate the need for coaches to keep paper records of these screens, parents will be required to complete a brief form prior to all practices and games to allow players onto the field.  Completion of this form before each practice and game will fulfill your workbond requirements for the season.

Please bookmark this page  Each player needs their own survey completed before each practice/game.  Your entry will be submitted with a date and time stamp for accurate record keeping.

We understand that this may seem daunting and redundant, however, we are taking diligent measures to keep the kids safe on the field during the season.  We ask that all parents disinfect their player’s equipment before/after practices and games.  We also must reiterate that there can be no team snacks, sharing of snacks or drinks and concessions will be closed for the season.  We ask that parents be cognizant of the new requirements and be flexible with the ever-changing requirements as they are introduced to the league.  There will be more information forthcoming on social distancing and requirements set forth by the league, district and Little League International.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

2020 West End Little League Work Bond

Each family is required to participate in 2 fundraisers and earn a minimum of 20 work bond points throughout the season to avoid having the work bond check cashed on September 1, 2020.  Families may opt out of the work bond program by paying $150 before the first practice of the year.

Families may earn a maximum of 10 points through donations (such as for Opening Day and Concessions) and must earn the other 10 points by volunteering.  All 20 points may be earned by volunteering if you do not wish to donate.

Families may only sign up for 1 donation item per day, exception is Opening Day when you may donate 2 items.  Families who bring additional goods trying to get extra work bond points will only be awarded those for which they were signed up.

Cards should be signed by Coaches and Board Members only.

Players WILL NOT be allowed to play/practice and will not receive their uniform shirt until the work bond check is received by the Fundraising Coordinator. If you are unable to bring the check to a registration date or meeting, please email [email protected] for mailing address.

Point Values are as follows:

20 Points = Team Manager, Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Corporate Sponsor of Team*

5 Points = Concession Stand (3 hr shift), Attend Umpire Clinic               

3 Points = Umpire Game (Minors & Above)***, Additional Fundraiser Participation

2 Points = Scorekeeper/Pitch Count (Minors & Above), Field Raking, Trash Removal, Lining Field, Attend League Meetings (Feb – Aug)**   

Opening Day needs, Concession Stand needs and any other opportunities will have a point value listed in the Sign-Up Genius and are based on 1 Point = $5.00 of donated goods or 1-2 hr of volunteerism****

Once 20 points are completed, please contact [email protected] for form submission & check return.


Please direct any and all Fundraising or Work Bond questions to [email protected].  
Any discrepancies with points awarded, requests for work bond waivers and check returns MUST be submitted to the Fundraising Coordinator only.


Krispy Kreme Order Form:

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