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Play Hard. Play Safe. Play WELL!


March 16, 2020 Fundraising / League Update - Please check your email for full information

Perkins Pies - CANCELLED

Krispy Kreme - On Hold, you may still take orders, but we do not have a delivery date at this time

Yankee Candle - Online only at this time

Gertrude Hawk - One last delivery date will be announced at a later date.  No candy is available at this time.


2020 West End Little League Work Bond

Each family is required to participate in 2 fundraisers and earn a minimum of 20 work bond points throughout the season to avoid having the work bond check cashed on September 1, 2020.  Families may opt out of the work bond program by paying $150 before the first practice of the year.

Families may earn a maximum of 10 points through donations (such as for Opening Day and Concessions) and must earn the other 10 points by volunteering.  All 20 points may be earned by volunteering if you do not wish to donate.

Families may only sign up for 1 donation item per day, exception is Opening Day when you may donate 2 items.  Families who bring additional goods trying to get extra work bond points will only be awarded those for which they were signed up.

Cards should be signed by Coaches and Board Members only.

Players WILL NOT be allowed to play/practice and will not receive their uniform shirt until the work bond check is received by the Fundraising Coordinator. If you are unable to bring the check to a registration date or meeting, please email [email protected] for mailing address.

Point Values are as follows:

20 Points = Team Manager, Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Corporate Sponsor of Team*

5 Points = Concession Stand (3 hr shift), Attend Umpire Clinic               

3 Points = Umpire Game (Minors & Above)***, Additional Fundraiser Participation

2 Points = Scorekeeper/Pitch Count (Minors & Above), Field Raking, Trash Removal, Lining Field, Attend League Meetings (Feb – Aug)**   

Opening Day needs, Concession Stand needs and any other opportunities will have a point value listed in the Sign-Up Genius and are based on 1 Point = $5.00 of donated goods or 1-2 hr of volunteerism****

Once 20 points are completed, please contact [email protected] for form submission & check return.


Work Bond Sign-Ups
All general needs of the league will be posted here.  Individual team needs will be handled by the Team Parent.
Please use the link(s) below to sign-up to earn work bond points.

Opening Day (April 18th, 2020)
Needs will be updated frequently, please check back for additional donation opportunities
Families may only donate 2 items for Opening Day.

Freefall End of Season Party
 June 28th 7p-9p
2800 Bagloys Circle, Bethlehem


Please direct any and all Fundraising or Work Bond questions to [email protected].  
Any discrepancies with points awarded, requests for work bond waivers and check returns MUST be submitted to the Fundraising Coordinator only.


Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
Orders & Payment Due to your Team Parent, Fundraising Coordinator, Joyce Schuster or Fundraising Assistant, Nicole Borger, no later than 4/1

Please use the order form to the right to collect orders. Orders will be delivered to Opening Day on 4/18 and will be available after 9am.  We suggest picking them up after having your photos taken.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.


Print your workbond card:
2020 work bond form.pdf


Krispy Kreme Order Form:

krispy kreme order form.pdf


Yankee Candle Fundraiser 

Yankee Candles are now available for order online!  Catalogs will not be distributed for until mid-March
*All online orders are directly shipped to the buyer*
Orders can be placed online now until July 8, 2020.
Group ID:  999997830
Please email [email protected] with any questions. 
The Seller's account will allow you more access to the site, the ability to invite friends and family to order and track your individual sales.


2020 Season Fundraisers
Families must participate in 2 fundraisers in order to fulfill their workbond/fundraiser commitment.  Choosing to participate in additional fundraisers will earn work bond points as described below.
Additional information will be posted as the fundraisers become available.

Wawa Hoagie Vouchers - Now until June 30, 2020.
Families who choose this fundraiser must purchase 8 Wawa Shortie Hoagie vouchers.  Vouchers are good at ANY Wawa and NEVER expire.  You may keep the vouchers for yourself and your family, or choose to sell them to family and friends for $5 each.  Families may earn an additional 3 volunteer work bond points by selling additional vouchers.  You will receive 1 volunteer point for each 8 additional vouchers sold, up to 3 points.  Points may only be granted by the Fundraising Coordinator .  Email [email protected] to get your vouchers today!

Gertrude Hawk Candy Boxes

This fundraiser is now over.  If you wish to purchase additional boxes for work bond points, or to fulfill your work bond at a later time, please email [email protected]  Any orders placed after 2/29/20 will be held until we meet the minimum order requirement set forth by Gertrude Hawk.  Participation in this fundraiser after 2/29/20 cannot be guaranteed to meet fundraising requirements unless the minimum order is met at a future date.

Krispy Kreme - Orders begin late March, delivery to Opening Day
Back by popular demand, Krispy Kreme!  Families with 1 player who choose this as a fundraiser must sell a minimum of 8 boxes of doughnuts.  Families with multiple players in the league must sell a minimum of 10 boxes of doughnuts to fulfill the fundraiser.
Once again this year, we will hold a contest for top sales!  If total sales from all teams/players totals at least $2,500, the top team will win a pizza party and the top player will receive 2 Iron Pigs tickets!  Parents who did not choose this for their mandatory fundraiser, may still participate to help their team win that party!  1 volunteer work bond point will be awarded to parents who participate in this fundraiser in addition to their 2 mandatory ones and have at least $100 in sales. Points may only be granted by the Fundraising Coordinator .  Email [email protected] to get your order form!

Yankee Candles - Orders Delivered for Mother's Day
 Minimum sales volume required will be around 8-10 items sold with volunteer points awarded for any family who sells over 12 candles. 
See additional information on this page.

Perkins Pies - Orders Delivered for Easter
Minimum sales volume required will be around 8 items.  Check back for more information as we get closer to the date.


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